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Top 20: #8 Infusing your personality into your business, Eric & Jamie

Eric & Jamie are masters at infusing their personality into their business and online presence. They have built a solid wedding photography business in Birmingham, Alabama by connecting with couples on a personal level and going the extra mile. We talk a lot about their awesome "cue the confetti" videos as well as how you can go about infusing your personality into your business even if you think you don't have much of a personality to share or if you are nervous about sharing so much online. 

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Top 20: #17 Finding Your Niche in the Photography World, Jana Bishop

The world of photography is larger than most people think. And many photographers start out taking any and every type of shoot and client they can get. As you grow in your skill and expertise, it's very normal to begin niching down and saying no to things you used to shoot.

Don't let other people box you in when it comes to your business. Go ahead and pursue different things until you find the niche that clicks!

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