Top 20: #14 5 Websites I'm on every day, Paul & Cinnamon

This episode is more of a productivity episode and we're giving you a peak into what websites we use to run our business!

5 websites to utilize every day when running a photography business  |  Focus(ed) Podcast

You wouldn't think this but you spend more time behind your computer when running a photography business than you do behind the camera. These are the five websites I tend to be on every single work day and why I'm on them! 

1. Inbox by Gmail - This is just a different way to look at your Gmail account. My favorite thing about Inbox is that you can snooze your emails to pop back in your inbox at a later date. You can use boomerang for this (and at the time of re-release, Gmail now has this feature built into the basic plan). You can learn more about how I use Inbox here.

2. Facebook - I mainly use Facebook for business purposes. She checks in with different groups to give and ask advice.

3. Squarespace - My site is on Squarespace as are some of my clients. I have this open pretty much everyday since I'm adding stuff to the sites. 

4. Todoist - You can get the Chrome extension, but I always have it open in a new tab. I use it to bring all of my Trello tasks and other business tasks into one list to be checked off. It has "today" and "next 7 days" views so you can easily see what is coming up. I've got a blog all about it for you too!

5. Trello - I use to use Co-schedule for organizing all of my projects, but now I have fully moved over to Trello and syncing with Todoist. It allows me to lay everything out in an easier-to-see way.

Paul's top 5 are vastly different so listen to the whole episode to find out!


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