Top 20: #2 Elevating Your Client Experience, Amy Rizzuto

Our #2 episode is one that is important for any stage of business experience. Amy Rizzuto realized the importance of client experience early on in her business and has taken a lot of steps to ensure her clients are always receiving the very best from her. We think you’ll love this episode too!

elevating your client experience on Focused Podcast

Today on Focused Podcast we are talking with Amy Rizzuto of Amy Rizzuto Photography. Amy is based out of New Jersey and has a thriving wedding photography business. In this episode we go over how she got started in the business, some of her her earliest struggles and then we deep dive into some of the steps she utilizes in her client experience and the results she has had because of how she decides to approach client experience. It's a really great episode and I think you are going to enjoy it! 

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Show Notes

Some of the resources and tips we talk about in the show are mentioned below! 

Creative Live

Mini Moo Cards

29:50: Rundown of how to do a same day slideshow

Artifact Uprising calendars

Three things to focus on: 

  • Set the tone

  • Listen more than you talk

  • Underpromise, and overdeliver

More about Amy

As a wedding photographer, I want my brides to feel the same overwhelming happiness that I did. I want to create photographs that capture your beauty in a way that you have never seen before. When you look back at your wedding day photos, I hope you see a unique and authentic representation of your love, one you will cherish for years to come.  

Find and connect with Amy: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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