Top 20: #10 Changing your business name, KC England

When first starting out, naming your business can either be a lot of fun or super stressful. In this episode with KC England, we'll be discussing the best tips for changing your name and letting your followers know. 

Top 20: #10 How do I change my business name, KC England | Focused Podcast

During this episode with KC, we talk about how we first met and why she wanted to change her business name. KC also discusses why she chose her first business name - "Leaving a Mark Photography".  We even get a little bit into birth photography and how to make it work when you also photograph other types of sessions! 


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Show Notes

What goes into changing your business name? 

  • Checked the domain right away and bought it right away even before she decided to change her name. She bought just her name domain and didn't add "photography" to the end. 
  • Get the instagram handle ASAP 
  • Did the entire rebranding process. She used Leesa Dykstra Designs.
  • After the rebranding is all done, update all of the places where branding is present 

How did you announce the change or let people know? 

Mostly social media and a few emails to let people know about the change

Official business changes?

  • Not the clearest process, but she did change the name officially with the state for tax changes. 
  • Process was relatively painless and she did it all online. 
  • It will feel overwhelming at first but then everything starts falling into place. 

What has the response been since changing her name? 

Overall there is a greater connection. Before the change people wouldn't make the connection between HER and her business name. 

Things for someone thinking about changing their business name? 

  • Go for it! If you are thinking about it, you are probably sensing a disconnect so start the process! Its never too late as well. Our work is always and growing and changing. 
  • If URL is not available, come up with an alternative and the have your logo as your "official" business name. You can redirect your old URL as well to the new one to handle people who still search for your old business name

Favorite apps/software?  

  • Lightroom
  • Photomechanic
  • Instagram
  • Ink - send actual cards from your phone. GO CHECK THIS OUT!! It's AWESOME!!! 

More about KC

KC England is a natural light photographer based in Eastern Washington. KC photographs families, seniors, births, and weddings and strives to capture light and connection in a beautiful and meaningful way with every session. She lives with her husband, 3 girls (twins, age 15 and a 5 year old) and 2 crazy cats. She loves holidays, traditions, movie nights, home decorating, and Target. She also loves to travel, but being at home is her most favorite place on earth.

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