Top 20: #9 Outsourcing in your photography business, Lauren Simmons

There will come a time in your business that you need to start outsourcing. In this episode, Lauren Simmons is walking us through knowing when that time comes and how to do it.

Focused Podcast : What to outsource in my photography business

Today we are chatting with Lauren Simmons of Lauren Simmons Photography. I actually am actually Lauren's photo editor for her wedding photography business, so in this episode we chat a bit about why she decided to outsource and what it has done for her business! 

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Show Notes

Outsourcing has allowed me to....

  1. Spend time on other revenue generating activities in my business

  2. Spend time with my family

Three things for someone who is considering outsourcing....

  1. You can't afford NOT to outsource

  2. Gives you time and space to be creative

  3. Gives you more opportunity to serve clients and family better

Can't run my business without....

  1. Husband

  2. Honeybook

We mention


More about Lauren

I view marriage as sacred and for that reason I wholeheartedly pour my heart and soul into getting to know each couple and the vision they have for their wedding and marriage. I want to make couples feel beautiful and their best on their wedding day. I love making the bride feel like a princess, seeing the groom gaze upon his soon to be wife for the first time, and being able to document the first day of a couple’s lifelong marriage. I can hardly wait to get to know you more!

Find and connect with Lauren: Website | Instagram | Facebook