Top 20: #6 3 networking tips you can implement today in your business, Elizabeth Henson

Networking. It's one of those things you either love or hate. Or hate to love? Either way, figuring out how to network, and how to feel good about networking can be tough as a business owner. Today on the podcast, Elizabeth Henson is breaking down three super actionable and easy steps we can implement TODAY in our businesses!! 

3 networking tips you can implement today in your business

Owner of Elizabeth Henson Photos and Creative dreamer of a world where more women choose to do what they love every day. After career hopping and finally leaving the 9-5 grind Elizabeth settled into entrepreneurship and running a full time business photographing weddings. Elizabeth has work published in magazines, books, and online but is truly known for her passion for business and helping other women succeed. 90s music and yoga keep her grounded and spending time with husband Mark and two daughters Gracie and Maddison. Elizabeth's current mission is to grow her creative community known as Creatives Live Happy and provide support to emerging creativepreneurs all over the nation. 

Show Notes

3 Networking tips:

  • Step outside of the box

  • Don't be afraid to shout out other people

  • Step outside your industry

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The Girl Tyler

Things Elizabeth can't live without: 17Hats and Lightroom, Evernote, Trello, Sugar Paper planners

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25 Networking Tips

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More about Elizabeth

Most days you can find me at my computer jamming out to some 90s music.  I love my job.  I mean I REALLY love it. My clients trust my humor and they feel my passion for my work. I’m a believer in loving what you do and living the life you have always wanted.  

I love shooting weddings because it allows me to do my three most FAVORITE things all in one job!   I get to be outside, serve people, and create beautiful art. I strive to build relationships with my clients, bring out their goofy side, and capture them genuinely. 

I LOVE to embrace awkward and make people laugh.  I'm a BIG hugger and I believe in experience and kindness. My two beautiful girls and my hotty Husband give my life purpose and joy every single day. #hensonhomelife

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