067: Enneagram? What is it and why do I need it? with Lauren Simmons

Knowing your personality type is great for your life and business

You're either obsessed with personality tests or you're not. And we are. There's a new test out there called the Enneagram and we are going through all the types with Lauren Simmons today. 

No two people are think exactly alike. Whether your dealing with kids, spouses, roommates or clients, knowing others' personalities can help you understand where they are coming from and hopefully allows you to interact with each other better.

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Enneagram? What is it and why do I need it? with Lauren Simmons  |  Focus(ed) Podcast 067

Show Notes

About Lauren

Lauren Simmons is a photographer from Virginia Beach, Virginia but she's not on the podcast talking about photography (you can catch that episode here)! She is sharing with us her knowledge of the Enneagram and how it plays a role in her life and business

She became interested in the Enneagram because of things in her personal life. Learning about the Enneagram allowed her to see a little bit how other people’s minds work and how to work with them. Learning about personalities can help you learn to deal with others. It gives you an insight into how others work and how best to navigate those situations.

What is the Enneagram?

It is a personality test like Myers Briggs or DISC assessment. When you take the test, you are to answer the questions as true to you as possible, not who you want to be. It is asking you about how your brain works. What may seem normal or natural to you, will be answered differently than you answer them.

The name stands for 9 parts of one whole and there are 9 basic personality types based on the test. The important part of this is that there are additional segments of the personalities. The 9 personality types are:

  1. The Reformer/Perfectionist

  2. The Helper/Giver

  3. The Achiever/Performer

  4. The Individualist/Romantic

  5. The Investigator

  6. The Loyalist

  7. The Enthusiast

  8. The Challenger

  9. The Peacemaker

The Myers Briggs test results in something like ENJF, but the Enneagram gives you the results as a 2 with a 1 wing with a social subset (Lauren’s Enneagram!)

More about wings

When you look at the results of your test, they will come up in a circle chart with arrows drawn. The wings represent your leaning towards a number on either side of your number, which is where personalities get a little more specific. So Lauren is a 2 that leans towards a 1. It also shows you what you lean towards in stressful situations and in growth situations. Each type has their own strength and weaknesses, no one personality is better than the others.

Let’s get into the 9 types

  1. The Reformer is rational and idealistic, the perfectionist. These people like and know the rules. They focus on the right and wrong. Ones can have wings of 9 or 2. MARY POPPINS

  2. The Helper is caring and personal. Ex. JOSH GROBAN, PAUL & LAUREN (or Rachel from FRIENDS)

  3. The Achiever is success oriented. They are really good at their jobs and they delegate really well. Ex. ELVIS PRESLEY

  4. The Individualist (or Romantic) is self-aware, sensitive, and reserved as well as honest and personal. Most ACTORS and ACTRESSES.

  5. The Investigator (or Thinker) are intense, perspective and isolated (they think in their heads). Ex. ALBERT EINSTEIN

  6. The Loyalist is secure, responsible, and reliable. Ex. ELLEN DEGENERES

  7. The Enthusiast knows what they’re good at and love doing it, extroverted and spontaneous. Ex. BRITNEY SPEARS

  8. The Challenger is powerful, decisive, and confident with soft centers. MOST PRESIDENTS

  9. The Peacemaker is easy-going, supportive, and reassuring. Ex.CINNAMON

Each personality can also be divided into 3 categories for how they make decisions. Twos, Threes and Fours make decisions with their Hearts. Fives, Sixes, and Sevens use their heads. And Eights, Nines, and Ones make decisions with their gut-instincts.

Why the Enneagram is important in life and business

It is helpful for your relationship with others because it breaks down the walls between different personalities. Knowing their personality types removes the judgement and struggle when you don’t see eye-to-eye with them. You can begin to understand more where they are coming from and meet in the middle. For business owners, it is so easy to compare ourselves with others, but we have to know that we have different personality types and we can’t be someone else. And that is OKAY. This also comes into play when you’re dealing with your clients; they may handle successes and failures differently than you. And that’s OKAY too.

The best way to find your Enneagram is to take the test and not self-diagnose. The tests are online and you may can find a free one. You can also use the tests with your team members and even with your kids! The books out there are very helpful in learning more about yourself and those around you.

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Find and connect with Lauren: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Episode 003

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