Better not Bigger: staying small when everyone else says to go “big”

What does it mean to stay small?

Ohhhh today’s podcast episode is one that has been a long time in the making. For months and months now these thoughts and ideas have been swirling around in my head and I couldn’t really make sense of them.

Two key things happened which helped bring everything into sharp “focus”. (I seriously love how much this word comes up and it always validates my decision to name the podcast Focused!!)

Anyway, those two things were reading the book, “Company of One: Why staying small is the next big thing in business” by Paul Jarvis AND attending Creative at Heart conference in late June of 2019.

Those two things paired together helped give me language to the feelings I was having as well as perspective about what I really want out of my business. I realized very quickly that I had been striving for the WRONG things which is why things weren’t really working the way I wanted them too and why I was feeling lost, frustrated and ultimately like I was failing big time.

In today’s episode I’m breaking ALL of this down…….

  • When it all started

  • the lies I was telling myself and

  • the mindset that needed shifting in order for me to really start feeling excited and motivated in my business again.

If you struggle with:

  • Feeling like you are always “behind” and aren’t able to “catch up” with others in the industry…

  • Feeling like your business isn’t “successful” because you aren’t booking more, hiring employees or implementing new revenue streams….

  • Feeling like your business NEEDS to get BIGGER in order to be respected and viewed as an educator in the industry…

This episode is for you!

Listen above or hit up iTunes or your favorite podcast player (I love PocketCasts) to tune in!!

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