068: Movie Pass....is it worth it? Paul & Cinnamon

The newest movie-goer craze

We know this has nothing to do with photographers or business (well, we do have some business questions for the founders!), but we wanted to share this with you. You can head to the theaters to recover after a long wedding weekend or an escape from the kids - and all for less than $10 a month. This is not sponsored in any way, we just want to share this great deal with you! 

If you love going to the movies like we do, OR if you hesitate going to the movies because ticket prices have gone up, then we want you to check out Movie Pass. 

Movie Pass....is it worth it? | Focus(ed) Podcast Episode 068

Show Notes

Movie Pass sounded too good to be true at first. After many friends began mentioning it, we decided to give it a try. And we plan on using it... a lot! 

What is it?

It started out in 2011. For a flat fee per month, subscribers can get one single ticket per day. The movie of choice and ticket is loaded to the MoviePass card associated with the account (each person has to have their own card). They are looking at a family card in the future. It has changed over the course of the years. In August of 2017 is when they switched over to one movie per day. The price ranges from $7.95/mo (annually) to $9.95/mo individually. Costco members can also get an additional discount. iMax and 3D movies are not part of the program either.

You have to be near the theatre to check-in and purchase the ticket you want. Not every theatre is part of the Movie Pass program, but if you are near one, you could essentially see 30 movies a month for $10. The downside is that you can’t pre-plan your ticket but you can do a drive-by in the morning and book tickets for that night.

Why we love it

This is great for those of you who aren’t too sure if you want to see the movies that are coming out. Instead of spending $20 a pop, you can now go see them at a lower rate. Also, for those of you on a budget, this is really great for your entertainment fund. In about a month, we’ve gone 4 times and seen shows we originally would have waited to RedBox. They’ve updated the app to make it more user friendly.

We’ve still got questions

We don’t know how the backside financials work, but we assume that the theaters are banking on more food sales since there is a lower cost of entry. This also leads us to ask if people are now going to see more movies or if it becomes one of those things people pay for and then forget about. They have over 1 million subscribers as of Jan 1st. We’d love to hear the Movie Pass story on a podcast like How I Built This.

Using Movie Pass with your theatre membership

Regal and AMC also have membership programs. Regal is free and works well with Movie Pass, but the ticket part at AMC doesn’t work when you use the Movie Pass. You can use your AMC membership for your snacks, just not the tickets.

We don’t have a referral code or anything, but hey Movie Pass, we’d love to start one!

Cinnamon Wolfe