What happened when I invested in Facebook Ads

Are FB ads worth the investment?

I recently invested a pretty hefty sum (for me anyway) into all things facebook ads for a variety of reasons. I’m so excited (and honestly a tid bit nervous….) to be sharing ALL of the details around why I ultimately decided to invest in hiring a facebook ads manager, the ads themselves and the results all on the podcast today!

I wasn’t originally going to be sharing this much information but I know that hearing from others the REAL process that goes into the world of online marketing can really help blow the lid off of the misconception that, “If you just do this ONE simple thing…everything that you’ve been struggling with will suddenly go away!!!!”

And usually that promise is at the other end of “add to cart” and your “purchase is complete.”

Even though my experience doesn’t mirror everyone else’s experience out there, I learned some key takeaways from the entire process and I’m sharing all of those in todays episode!

Listen at the link above or hit up iTunes or your favorite podcast player (I love PocketCasts) to tune in!!

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