How to confidently take a break from Instagram

Feeling pressure to always show up on instagram?

For many creative small business owners, the pressure to “show up” on instagram can be exhausting.

Posting, sharing to stories, IGTV, followers, influencers, hashtags….it can feel suffocating at times.

So sometimes you just need to take a break. Put the phone down and don’t post or engage for a while.

But I’ve been noticing for a while now people constantly apologizing for their absence on the social media platform.

“Sorry you haven’t seen me for a few days” or “I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted” or just making statements about the fact that they have been gone for a while.

And it got me thinking about what’s behind this. What is driving this behaviour to constantly apologize for not following some sort of instagram rules that don’t actually exist.

I also asked for peoples thoughts about this on my own instagram and I got some very interesting and insightful responses.

Going through all of the nitty gritty on today’s episode!

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Focused Podcast with Cinnamon Wolfe: How to confidently take a break from Instagram
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