066: Same Day Video Edit on a Wedding Day with the Herrintons

Same day edits are possible!

As photographers, Tyler & Ashley offered same day slide shows for their couples. As they transitioned to videography only, they knew they needed something to make them stand out. 

Tyler & Ashley have a system in place that allows them to create this one-minute video during the wedding day. By using their process, you, too, can surprise your couples by showing them a video from their wedding at their wedding! 

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Same Day Video Edit on a Wedding Day with the Herringtons  |  Focus(ed) Podcast 066

Show Notes

Meet the Herrintons

Tyler started with photography in college. Once he and Ashley were married, she became part of the team. Allowed them to do photo and video for their couples. They had a lot of people encouraging them to do strictly video. The leap was scary, but they made the switch before last wedding season and they are excited to start year two of videography only. They love spending time with each other, sharing their lives with their couples, coffee and traveling.

Tyler and Ashley did not offer packages to shoot photo and video for the same wedding; they either did one or the other. The few times they did both, it became too much for them to remember all the little details they needed to capture and put together. They did use the same camera for both processes, but now they have cameras specific for capturing videos. Video seems very male dominated, so having Ashley on board allows them to split their strengths and connect with their couples in different ways.

Why they offer ‘Same Day Edits’

Tyler and Ashley really want their couples to feel like they have gone over and beyond for them on their wedding day. Couples are blown away by having a chance to see the video that same day. As far as marketing goes, it because easy to share and bridges the gap between the hype of the wedding day and the end process of the final video. Having that content to share immediately keeps them connected to the guests, vendors, and venues on social media.

How the magic happens

Tyler prepares the project in Premier ahead of time as much as he can. Whenever he has free time during the day, he will work on the video and he mainly uses the two cards he specifically works with. This allows him to already know what he has recorded and pull that up quicker in Premier. They came to realize that it didn’t have to be perfect because they’re not doing a full 3-5 minute video - just the 59sec clip for Instagram. Your couples will be impressed with anything from that day, that they won’t realize if it isn’t perfect. His other key is not using audio from the day and just sticking to the audio he chose before the day even started. After he gets it on the ipad, they show the bride, groom, and parents before setting it in a high-traffic area with their business cards. You can grab their same day edit process over on their site here. Before they post it in the blog on Tuesday after a wedding, they will go back in and add color-correction or audio and then re-release it on Tuesday. When they deliver the final video, they’ll include this teaser video as well.

Tyler and Ashley don’t shoot differently for this 1-minute video, they just shoot with eye-candy shots in mind. They keep everything in their own style so their delivery always remains the same. It is essentially a trailer clip for the feature film while they’re waiting for the longer film.

Marketing after the wedding

When they get ready to share the sneak peek on the blog, Ashley shares more about how the couple met and got engaged. She wants the readers to feel like they know the couple and have the excitement leading up to the release of the wedding trailer. She then shares it on Facebook which allows for an easy share for the couples and guests. It allows them to show the work they did that weekend while the full editing (which can take a bit longer) process is going on behind the scenes.

Why they do same day edits

The couples love seeing their wedding day that day. They have been planning and dreaming for a while and now it has all finally come together. Tyler and Ashley know that the full film takes a bit longer to create and this allows them to give their clients a sample during that time and they’re more willing to wait for the full video knowing how good it will be. Again, they also know that this can lead to other couples hiring them on the spot (listen to the episode to hear how!) and instant sharing on social media. They can show people exactly what they are capturing throughout the day, just like photographers can flip the camera around for the quick photo check. The amount of referrals and traffic has increased over the year as well as doubling their video and blogging content for each wedding.

For those who want to do same day edits

  1. Be organized beforehand

  2. Keep the footage simple

  3. Timing of delivery

You can do it as a solo filmmaker, you just have to stay on track and prep as much as possible. Time your editing during the dinner portion so you won’t miss out on the important moments. Again, keeping it simple allows you get the edit done that night. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it the same day, you can deliver it later that or the next day.

Tyler has a podcast too!

He loves technology and wanted another outlet separate from editing videos. Tyler loves breaking down the latest technology for the everyday person, not just for photographers and videographers.

Things they’re loving:

Shure SM7B Microphone
MavicAir Drone

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