062: Blog & Content Ideas Galore!

Blogging doesn't have to be complicated

Blogging has done so much for our business. It can do a lot for your business as well. Many photographers (and other business owners) struggle with 3 main things when thinking about blogging:

  1. Where to start
  2. Creating 100% unique content
  3. Not feeling like a professional writer

The good news is that we believe you can overcome these three struggles. This episode covers these issues and more. Blogging doesn't have to be complicated, but you do have to do it.

Blogging doesn't have to be complicated.  |  Focus(ed) Podcast 062

Show Notes


In case you haven't hear - we are moving! We are leaving New Jersey headed to Seattle via Albuquerque. So we will be taking a hiatus during the rest of the year and the beginning of the New Year. The next interviews are already lined up so - don’t fear - we will be back! You can keep up with us on Instagram and we’ll let you know when we’ll be back

Blogging struggles

Not sure where to start

Newer business owners can feel very overwhelmed with all the parts of blogging and actually hitting publish on their post. That is okay, just keep going!

Content has to be 100% unique

FYI: Everything that will be written has been written. You can write about the same subjects, just make sure to put your unique take on it

People feel like they can’t blog or will need professional editing.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare in order to blog. Write the way you talk and you’ll still connect with your audience.

Connecting with a Unique Audience

@Ronyaandco: "How do I connect with brides who don't want a Pinterest wedding?"

Have a couple of posts on your website that really show off your client experience. Using the blog space to go a bit deeper than just your About Page. You can always link back to this page in other posts and from other pages. You can also include blog posts about having unique weddings that are different from their friends if that is who your ideal client is. Creating lists are easy for people to read (Cinnamon always does 5) and grab their attention from the start.

Creating client driven content

@AndreaNunesFoto: "How do I create content that attracts my ideal client and other industry professionals?

Keep your content informative to the client, not to photographers. Explain to them why and how you work, what you actually do, preparing for a brand session. Answer their potential questions in blogs about your business, not your industry.

What to blog about in the beginning

@EricafaithWalker: "What should I blog about if I don't have many sessions?"

Your ratio of non-sessions and sessions should be 2:1 - two non-sessions for every one session. There are three main objectives for blogging-

  1. Traffic - The more words you have the more Google will love you, so this will boost your SEO.
  2. More subscribers to your list.
  3. Sell products and services - aka your sessions.

Client sessions do bring new traffic to your site by clients sharing their own sessions. But you’ve got to give that new traffic information to begin to build that know-like-trust with you so they’ll want to hire you later.

All that said, there is a lot of information you can share while you’re building your business.

Becoming an industry educator

@ElizabethLadean: "I want to start teaching other photographers while still taking on wedding clients? How do I stand out when there are others doing the same thing?"

The space may feel crowded because you are in the midst of it, but you’ve got to remember you have your own perspective when you start teaching. There are people who don’t know what you know and you can share with them. As far as blogging for bridal and photography education, have categories on your site that are easy for people to navigate so they can get the information they want.

Breaking into new markets

Beth of @Marshall_Studios: "I'm moving into a new market. How do I start getting found in searches in my new area?"

The best way to come up in new searches is to have blogs that are location specific. Think of titles similar to “The Top 5 Venues in Connecticut”. You can always add to posts later if you find new venues along the way. Highlighting vendors is another way to get into the market - making connections and adding to your search networks.

Niching down your bride

@StephanieHopkinsPhotography: "My Ideal client loves all things outdoors. I want to know how to just target my ideal bride."

Start showing only outdoor venues on your website, this will create that attract-repel factor and help filter out your non-ideal brides. You can blog about the top outdoor venues in your area, tips for having an outdoor ceremony, what to do if it rains. Think of what questions your ideal might be asking, and start answering them on your blog.

Just start

Amanda Benaou: "I'm brand new, as in just a few weeks ago. What should be sharing on my blog? Should I be blogging?"

If you're a new photographer with absolutely no sessions to share, that's okay! We encourage you to just start writing and sharing about you and your business. You don’t need to announce that it is your first blog, just get writing. It is your voice, your brand and your business. Be yourself, don’t be afraid to hit publish; it will get easier as you go. 

Attracting high end clients

@Fabianaskubic - "I want to start attracting higher end brides who are joyful about life and their wedding day. How do I start reaching these couples."

Again, start gearing your content to them and the questions they may be asking (about vendors, venues, etc). Attracting them starts from when they first ‘meet’ you - your website. Think about the layout, images, and words on your site and what they are telling potential clients. If you want joyful clients, don’t use a somber photo of the bride and groom; show couples who are laughing and enjoying the day.

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