063: Our Move, Paul and Cinnamon

We're Back!

Over the New Year break we moved from New Jersey to Washington! We're sharing our cross-country journey with you in this episode.

We fought sickness, bad tires, and internet lines, but we are so glad to be settled into our new place!

Over the New Year break we moved from New Jersey to Washington! We're sharing our cross-country journey with you in this episode. | Focus(ed) Podcast

Show Notes

The beginning of our move

We were in an apt in NJ getting ready to move to our house in Washington. With the military, you can choose to have them pack you or you can do a partial “dity” (Do IT Yourself), or full “dity”. They will reimburse you, so we chose this last option. We already had used Packrat to pack up things we didn’t need in our apartment and then we used them again to pack the rest and move it to Seattle. Paul was scheduled to check-out of the military on Dec 26th. It was snowing on Dec 23rd when we were packing the last container. We stayed in military temp housing until it was time to load up in the car and head out. Kyle and his girlfriend were with us for most of our trip.

The messy middle

Before we got on the road, we all started getting a little sick. It was cold out and we were all exhausted from traveling and sleeping in hotels. Listening to podcasts (Start-up Podcast) definitely helped pass the time. PSA: LaQuinta Inns have a free pet stay policy and we loved it! During the first four days, we all felt awful and the cold weather did not help at all. By the time we got to the warmer weather in Albuquerque, we had a blown tire and another one about to go. We needed time off the road, so we stayed in Albuquerque for a couple of days which was great because the leg through California wasn’t as good as we’d hoped.

The end of the journey

We drove to Portland, Oregon to stay with some friends before heading to Paul’s parents’ house. There were also a few things we had shipped there so we picked that up as well. We were only 2.5 hours from our new house and we were really excited to get there. Our containers were supposed to arrive on Thursday after we got there on Tuesday. They told us on Saturday that everything was on track, but on Monday they told us it would be an additional 5 days. We were staying with a friend near our new house and didn’t want to overstay our welcome, and on top of that Paul started getting sick again.

Getting set-up

While we were waiting for our Packrat containers, we decided to have the cable installed. Again we ran into issues with a messed up cable line that they told us could take another 4-6 weeks to dig a new cable line. We had projects around the house that we wanted to get started on, however, without our containers we weren’t able to do anything. Paul ended up having the flu during the days we were waiting on all of our things. Kyle was still with us at this point, and we ended up eating out a lot since we were staying with friends. Thankfully our friends had wifi and the Starbucks was close by so we could get some work done. Our things finally came the following Wednesday. We unloaded them in a day & a half, and tried to get them picked up early since they were blocking the driveways. They were supposed to be picked up on a Saturday, but they didn’t get picked up until Tuesday. We were so glad to get everything out of the containers and into the 3-car garage as we began to put things were we wanted them in the house.

What’s coming next

We’re recording lots of new episodes for the podcast and we are really excited for our episode all about drones! Other topics we’ll be covering: same-day slideshows, Facebook ads, email marketing, branding, shooting and booking proposals, and the Enneagram. These shows will officially be season 3! We won’t be keeping as strict of a schedule this season, but we want to get at least one episode out a week. As our editing calendar fills up for the summer, we will most likely take another break in June. We are so glad to be back!

Cinnamon Wolfe