061: 5 Tips for Making Your Submission Process a Breeze

Submitting your weddings to blogs doesn't have to be hard

Being published online is a great way to get your name out there as a wedding professional. Many photographers find it daunting or just forget to submit their weddings to online publications. This episode gives you 5 ways to make this easier on you so you can get recognition for your amazing work. 

Submitting Your Weddings Online Doesn't Have to be Hard | Focus(ed) Podcast 061

Show Notes

1. Outsource your submissions

If you don’t have the time, but you want to get your weddings out there, there are people who will do this for you. 

2. Everything that comes down how you shoot

Do you have a good mix of images to submit? If you only shoot wide angles or detail shots, you might not have the right images to tell a full story. They typically ask for 70-100 images that can tell the whole story of the day. As you go about the wedding day, think about each shot you take and run it by this question - “is this shot publishable?” Go read wedding blogs and study the photos they publish so you can start getting similar shots.

3. Follow their rules

Each blog will have a list of things they want or need from you. Don’t frustrate the editor by not following the directions. They don’t have the time to email with you back and forth. They’ll love you if you follow their rules. An option would be to use Two Bright Lights to submit your photos because they will help make sure you have all you need. Another one is Matchology.

4. Mark your images from the get-go

When you are first culling the photos, mark the ones that you want to put on your blog or submit. This will save you time in the long run. Submit images both in landscape and vertical to the blogs so they can properly place them on the site.

5. Have a system in place

Submitting your photos will be harder if you don’t have a system in place that reminds you to submit them. You need to add submitting photos to your list for every wedding and shoot. Getting published is huge for your business, and the more your submit, the more likely you’ll get picked up. If you don’t submit any, you’ll never get published.

Two Bright Lights

This site is very helpful in that you can upload the whole submission once, and then start submitting it to your desired sites. If you get a no, you don’t have to re-do anything, just send it off to the next publisher.

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