060: Creating a Client Experience that Matches Your Brand, Amanda from Carrylove Design

Your client experience is more than just a gift for your clients

There is a lot more to a great client experience than just a thank you gift. Everything from your website to your first email response sets the tone for how your clients view your brand. 

And speaking of branding, don't spend all of your time picking brand colors; you should spend time designing how you want you brand to be known. Amanda is no stranger to creating amazing client experiences and she believes it all starts out with a well thought-out brand.

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Your client experience is more than just a gift for your clients  |  Focus(ed) Podcast 060

Show Notes

Amanda's background

Amanda went to college for graphic design. She then worked for Shell Oil and began climbing the corporate ladder. This started as side biz for her and grew into an Etsy shop. When Amanda found out she was pregnant with her daughter, she decided to invest and grow her business. She didn’t want to leave daughter at daycare all day. Amanda was able to replace her salary within 6 months.

Niching down your target market

Amanda joined the Rising Tide Society and began expanding her network. She quickly realized most of her clients were wedding professionals - especially wedding photographers. She decided that since these were her favorite clients to work with, she would begin working solely with wedding industry professionals. Niching down to mainly photographers has been huge for her business. It happened more organically and Amanda likes to call it a happy-accident.

What really determines your brand

Your brand is not just your logo and colors. It is the way you make people feel. What personality would your business have if it walked into a room? What would other people say about your business? What do you want them to say? Think about your business values and your why. How does that fit into your messaging and branding?

Matching your brand with your client experience (and which comes first)

Determining your brand comes first. Write down a few adjectives to that you want your brand to emote. You can use these words to help determine your client experience and guide your processes. How do you want people to think and feel about you and your brand? Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and ask yourself how you want to be treated. Hint: your client experience isn’t just about a gift. Don’t give gifts just to give them. If it doesn’t enhance your brand or your client, then it could be hurting your client experience.

What makes a great client experience?

Anytime you interact with them, you are participating in the client experience. From the first response to their inquiry the tone will be set for the rest of the relationship. Again, this goes back to putting yourself in their shoes. Add some personality to your emails, even if they are auto-responses! But remember personalization is better than automation. What are little things you’ve experienced from other businesses that have stood out to you and made an impression? Give your clients something unexpected and it will be what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Remain consistent

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Don't let there be a disconnect between your words and your actions. Again, this could be something that hurts your client experience rather than enhancing it. 

Your brand grows as you grow

When you're first starting out, you may not have systems and steps in place to ensure you have great client experience. But as your business grows, don't overlook areas you can grow for your clients as well. Don't let your clients fall behind while you're growing. Continue to build your foundation as your business grows. And it is okay to change things up as you continue moving forward. 

Make your client experience better today

  1. Think about the experience you want your client to have - your 5 adjectives for your brand. 
  2. Don't focus just on gifts - think through your systems and communication as well. 
  3. Put yourself in their shoes - what would be important to you?
  4. Be responsive and personable - set the expectations from the beginning.

Three Apps or Software Recommendations




Find and connect with Amanda: Website | Instagram | The Brand Vault

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