045: Why Squarespace is awesome, Part 1

Why Squarespace is great for creative business owners

I've been using Squarespace for just over 5 years and think it is an amazing choice for photograhers and other creative small business owners. Today I'm sharing all about why I think its a great platform that will grow with you and your business! 

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Show Notes

Is it the right platform for EVERYONE? No, not necessarily. It's one of many great options. 

What I love the MOST: It's drag and drop, WYSIWYG. You can SEE as you are creating. 

Squarespace limits certain customizations for a reason. It prevents you from making design mistakes. People given a blank canvas might do all sorts of things that from a design perspective are not smart choices. 

It's SEO friendly. Looking at basic SEO, having a Squarespace site will not keep you away from page 1. I know this from experience. It's all about knowing how to use it and make smart choices when it comes to SEO. 

Squarespace support is helpful and responsive. Online resources are fantastic as well. 

Its WAY more customizable than people think it is.

Its an all in one platform where you can have a website and a blog. You can run a very powerful, successful blog on Squarespace.

Its "affordable". Price point is lower comparatively for what you get. 

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