044: On the road to full time, Kat Schmoyer

Keep moving forward 

Being in the transitional phase is tough. Working a full time job while being on the road to full time small business ownership can be exhilarating, exhausting and overall frustrating at times. 

Kat Schmoyer is the perfect person to talk with about this. She built up not one but TWO businesses while also having a full time job. She knows what it takes to build up a business and keep moving forward to take your side business into a full time business that replaces your 9-5 income. 


Show Notes

Sacrifices will be necessary. 

Knowing when its the right time: Often times it happens at crucial moments. If it pains you to give it up, you may know that its time to put all of your efforts into making it a full time business

Its OK to pivot and change in your business as well. 

It can be exhausting to build your business while working a 9-5, what are some strategies when you are feeling frustrated? 

Comparison is a beast....its really difficult to get away from it and put on our blinders. 

A great strategy is to take a step back and get away from the "race", get back to the bigger picture. Refocus on what you are actually trying to accomplish. WHY are you doing what you are doing and HOW is it helping you reach your goals? 

Get your systems in place. 


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Be open about sharing that you have a full time job. Setting expectations about it upfront can set you up for success on the back end. People value genuineness. We love the story. 

Is it always the right decision to leave the 9-5?

Not always. 

You are not a "failure" if it's not right for you to leave your full time job. What is most important to you? What sacrifices do you want to make? How do you want to define your life? 

Is there always a "right time" to leave the full time job?

Not really. Depends on what is most important to you. 

As for financial goals, it is a good idea to have at least 6 months of livable income saved before leaving as a safety net. 

Ask yourself why is it not the right time? And see what your answer is. It's usually....Fear or Finances. 

Also, get some friends to keep you accountable and give you some good ideas about what it takes to go full time. 

Encouragement for those looking to go full time

Don't give up!! 

You are not alone. We all experience this. You will not climb the mountain forever. 

The bigger the boulder you push up the hill, the bigger impact it will have on the way down. 

Kat is digging in and getting ready for Creative at Heart for 2018

On the Road to Full Time, self paced course starting in Q4. 

Kat is a Planner, Creative & Small Business Encourager

Hi, brave dreamer! I’m Kat and I help creative boss ladies (boss ladies like you!) dream big & bold. I’m all about #realtalk & real results. I believe in reaching for the stars with an iced chai in my hand. I’m the owner, lead planner & florist behind Dear Sweetheart Events and the founder and visionary of Creative at Heart Conference. I’m an educator, #ontheroadtofulltime encourager & believe every big, bold dreams needs #hardworkandfairydust .

My HS sweetie, Matt, and I live in a two stoplight town with our Brittany Spaniel, Knox. We’re currently obsessed with reruns of Friends & Home Improvement, spend weekends hiking with Knox & Friday nights ordering chinese takeout. My vices include all the pink things & sappy romance novels on my Kindle.


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