040: Taking the scary out of OCF, Luke & Ashley

Rock your off camera flash

SOOO excited for today's episode mostly because I just love Luke and Ashley so much! These are two of the nicest and most knowledgeable people in the industry and we are proud to call them friends. 

They are wizards at OCF so today we are talking all about how to rock that flash and change your mindset about using off camera lighting. We go into tons of good stuff on the show and also talk a little bit about their new business that just launched!! 

Getting started using OCF

Show Notes

Why do people get nervous when it comes to artificial light?

  • It's a mindset shift. Thinking of OCF as an extension of natural light changes everything. Also creatives tend to think more creatively and not as technically and that can be scary.

  • Look at other sources to see how they light, movies, TV shows, videographers during weddings that you shoot.

What are the benefits of using off and on camera flash? 

  • Learning and mastering OCF will help you stand out from your competition

  • It will help you attract couples looking for a photographer who is well rounded and can handle any situation

  • Using OCF doesn't mean you will become a 90's photographer who uses flash or artificial light for every single shot. You can still shoot the majority natural light and you will learn how to use OCF to make it look more like natural light.

Are there any drawbacks? 

  • It can be a lot of gear and carrying it around can be tough

  • You'll use a lot of batteries!!

What gear do you recommend they start with? 

  • If you shoot Canon - get two speed lights and the on camera transmitter. If you are Nikon...switch to Canon. ha! Just kidding.

  • Start with an umbrella as well

Should people start in manual or ETTL mode?

  • ETTL is like auto mode on your camera

  • Chose aperture first, then choose ISO for being inside and then shutter keep to 1/160th

  • If shooting manual, start at 1/32 power....this will give you a lower recycle time while the light is still bright enough

  • Flash power will also depend on distance to subject, if they are further away they might go up to 1/8 or 1/16

Thoughts for those who might be feeling like they don't have time to practice on wedding days?

  • Get super comfortable with your base

  • Set everything up just like you would outside and then adjust your flash power to compensate

  • Take things one step at a time

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, find a mentor, talk about it with others if you are finding you are struggling with it

Luke and Ashley hands on workshops/coaching

Their new business is officially launched!! Hen and Chicks personalized gifting

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