054: Adding Videography to your Photography Business with Lin Pernille

The Benefits of Adding Videography to Your Photography Business

Most photographers don't realize how easy it is to get started with adding video to their list of packages. They already have most of the equipment and training needed but just need the push and encouragement to get started.

Plus, there are so many benefits to adding video that for Lin it is a no-brainer - most photographers should offer video. It just takes a little more organization and possibly purchasing a few light kits, and you've added a whole new income stream for your business. 

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The Benefits of Adding Videography to Your Photography Business | Focus(ed) Podcast 054

Show Notes

About Lin

Based in NJ, Lin Pernille Photography born in Hong Kong but from Denmark. She started with photography in high school and got her first DSLR camera in 2007. When it came time for college, she decided to major in photography and minor in business because she wanted to really pursue this as a business. In 2011 Lin shot her first wedding and loved it. For Lin, weddings incorporated everything she loved about photography - details, energy, and even photojournalism. After that first wedding, she knew weddings would be her niche.

Because her high school was a theme-based school, she actually took her first video class in high school. She had a Nikon D40 and played around with it when she started with her DSLR as well. Lin now offers her clients wedding highlight reels and she does video at her engagement sessions as well. At that first wedding in 2011, she did both photography and videography.

Why should a couple hire one team?

Lin believes every couple should have photo and video at their wedding. It is generally more affordable to hire photo and video in one team. It also saves you one step along the way. On the day of the wedding, if there are two different teams, the bride and groom can feel that they are being pulled in so many directions and taking directions from so many different people. Hiring one team means that the photographer and videographer know how to work together to make the most of the couple’s time and still get the best shots. The less people the more simpler it is on the wedding day.

Should you offer both?

For Lin, it is a no-brainer. You’re already very knowledgeable about videography and most likely already have all of the equipment you need. You don’t need to be intimidated by all of the equipment. There are some additional things that you’ll need to learn or buy, especially when it comes to lighting and audio. Laz mics can be added to the groom’s and officiant’s lapels. You will also need a stabilizer or tripod at some point throughout the day. There are some photographers who worry they won’t be able to compartmentalize throughout the day. But you can work towards recognizing which shots would be best in a photo versus in a video.

Making it work on the wedding day

Having an extra set of hands is also key. Lin calls it having 2.5 shooters. Two are all day and then her 3rd shooter comes midday to make sure the ceremony and parts of the reception are on video. She does switch back and forth between photo and video on her own camera throughout the day. Some cameras will have the same settings when you switch and some will allow you to switch up your ISO settings.

What are the benefits of offering both?

The biggest thing is the additional income stream. You can almost double your income without doubling your bookings. A bonus benefit is that you can use all your video knowledge to help promote your own business. You can use them for video ads on Facebook and Instagram too!

Working with second shooters

Finding and hiring second shooters and assistants was the hardest thing when she first started out - especially since she started with both photo & video. She joined every networking group in person and online that she could, because you’ll always need another shooter. Most of her second shooters end up wanting to start their own businesses so she constantly has new second shooters. Lin created very detailed second shooter guidelines which has been very helpful for working together. As a primary shooter, you need to give them your processes up front so they know what you’re expecting from them. Head to linpernille.com/focused to grab her second shooter guidelines!

3 Tools Lin Recommends  

  1. Tailwind is great for scheduling Pinterest posts.
  2. Blogstomp allows you to save your diptics for your blog posts and Pinterest graphics as well.
  3. Stamps.com is another favorite tool of Lin’s so she doesn’t have to run to the Post Office for all of the little things.

What’s Next

She is working on a photography business workshop. It will be geared to those newer in business to help them set things up the right way the first time. This workshop will be on November 19th in Jersey Shore (you can find more info at Lin Pernille Education)

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Find and connect with Lin: Website | Instagram | Education 

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