049: Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go. 

We don't know anyone who hates podcasts. In fact, everyone we've talked to about podcasts now loves them. 

Podcasting is still in the infancy stage and will only grow from here. You can connect with the hosts deeper than by reading their blogs because you get to hear their voices and opinions in real time. 

Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go.  |  Focus(ed) Podcast

Show Notes

We love listening to podcasts for several reasons, but the main reason is that we can multi-task while we listen. Paul used to have a long commute and he would listen on his drive back and forth each day. Music can put you to sleep after awhile and radio stations can change city to city and cut in and out. 


You can find podcasts on all different types of content - inspirational, comedy, talk, crime / true life, mystery, history, technology, entertainment. There are also some that come out in a weekly, serial / story-telling style. Basically anything you're interested in. Our favorites are listed at the bottom. 

It doesn’t require sight and allows you to multitask. 

Although we love blogs, sometimes our schedule doesn't allow us to sit down and read them. And if you struggle with reading or don’t have the time to read, podcasts are especially great for you. Cinnamon loves listening to podcasts while she edits, and Paul listens while he works in the garage or on the lawn. Your full attention has to be given to reading, but not listening to podcasts.

Under an hour.

Audiobooks are great, but it can take a couple of hours or even days to get through one book. You can typically listen to a podcast under an hour (even less if you put it on 1.5x speed!) and you can jump around on each show to listen to the episodes you want to listen to.

Favorite Shows

We also mentioned Pocket Cast.

We need your help!

In a few weeks, we want to do an episode about creating content for blogging or newsletters. So what we need from you is to send Paul a DM on the Focus(ed) Podcast Instagram what your business is and what you do so we can help you come up with content on the spot. 

Cinnamon Wolfe