025: On being an introverted business owner, Paul & Cinnamon

So pumped for today's episode!! Paul and I are talking all about what it's like to be an introverted business owner. This is a subject that I (Cinnamon) is super passionate about and there are a lot of misconceptions about introverts out there and I'm on a mission to tackle those misconceptions and change the way the world thinks about the word introvert. 

Lots of good stuff in the show notes below and even more good stuff in the actual episode so take a lesson!! 

Being an introverted business owner | Focused Podcast

Show Notes

What does it mean to be an introvert? 

Misconception: Introverts are shy and don't want to be around people. They are in a shell and need to "come out of their shell". 

Being an introvert is a temperament. You are born one way or the other, but we CAN flex between the two fairly easily especially those who are close to the middle of the scale. 

Introverts are easily stimulated by activity, novelty or new situations. Once you get comfortable with people or situations you are still the same person you are just not as overly stimulated by the situation. 

Introverts are normal. There is nothing wrong with being an introverts. Introverts out number extroverts in America. 

Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking by Susan Cain

Photo sessions as an introvert 

First photo session where I got paid: got panicky, stomach upset, overly planned, didn't know the family all that well. After the session, felt like got hit by a truck. Totally overly stimulating and was "on" the entire hour so I was SPENT afterward. 

Don't think nervousness before a shoot is specific to introverts, but brand new situations tend to be super hard for introverts and pretty much every photo shoot is a situation that is brand new and has the potential for something to go wrong or happen that you weren't prepared for. 

Sessions and weddings have gotten easier with time and practice but I am still really spent after them due to the amount of energy that has to be expensed. Which leads to the next point.....

Down Time

Introverts get energy from solitude or quiet or self-reflection. Energy tank needs to be refilled after highly stimulating situations. So introverts can tend to tire more easily or need more breaks in order to stay "on" in long stimulating activities. 

Schedule time on the calendar to recharge or not overbook yourself. You will maintain maximum energy levels if you schedule in breaks. 

Phone Calls

Phone calls can be tough for introverts....maybe not necessarily personal phone calls, but business or client calls may be extremely tough for introverts because you may not be able to be as prepared as you'd like to be. 

You can work around this and do what works for you....you can still book clients without jumping on the phone right away. 


Networking can be terrifying for introverts. Walking into a room full of strangers where you know no one can be intimidating for introverts. 

Introverts can network differently. They don't have to network the stereotypical or traditional way of networking. 

I have learned how to make networking work for me as an introvert. E-Book on Networking for Introverts.