026: Photography Business: How to get started, Daniel Grove

Today Paul and I are chatting with Daniel from Daniel Grove Photography about the bare bones basics (say that three times fast!) of starting a photography business! We cover lots of great information around your mindset at the very beginning, four basic spreadsheets to get you started (they are linked below) and the exact equipment needed in order to get started (its not as extensive as you think!) Its a great conversation and a must listen for anyone on the very front end of their photography business journey!!

Daniels professional bio: I discovered photography early in high school as an extension of my creativity and artistic talent. From there it evolved from a hobby of still life and simple portraits to a full business of varying services. I capture families, weddings, babies, cosplay and everything in between. I love pushing the limits of what can be done in a single photo and making art that will be enjoyed for generations to come. All while making genuine relationships with people and giving them a great experience.

getting started in the business of photography

Show Notes

Where does someone start when they think they might want to start a business?

  1. Find out what you are passionate in capturing and then also what you are good at (if you aren't good you can learn, but its helpful to be good as well) 

  2. Professional mindset
    1. Have good conversation
    2. Keep good records
    3. Quick response time
  3. Equipment
    1. Know your gear well 


You should have these four spreadsheets when you start out. You can use Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets (<---- Free!!)

Daniel has graciously shared examples of all four of these for you to check out so you can use/tweak them for your own use! Just click the links below ;-)  

  1. Financial Records
  2. Lead Tracking
  3. Price Calculator
  4. Photo Locations

What gear does someone need to get started?

You don't need to buy the latest and greatest!! Don't believe the hype! Look up reviews and forums to do research. 

SnapSort.com - for comparing camera bodies 

  • Start with a Rebel, T4i or even a T3i, 80D and a 50mm 1.8 lens STM
  • You don't need a flash to start, but if you want to get one, start out with the Yongnuo brand...Yongnuo 560iv and eneloop batteries. 
  • Get a good memory card. 90mbs
  • External hard drive
  • Pearstone lens case

Three things you'd tell someone thinking about starting a photography business: 

  1. Find a community online, facebook group and a local one to your city
  2. Get a mentor and offer to assist them
  3. Listen to podcasts!! Other good ones - Improve Photography & Photo Taco

Where can people find you online?

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube