I can't write about myself! 5 simple steps to creating a killer about me page

Whats worse than getting a root canal? The majority of small creative business owners will tell you that writing their 'about me' page on their website pretty much ALWAYS wins in that battle. 

Why is it so challenging to write about ourselves? To describe what we do and why we do it as well as including a bit about our personality should be easy right? 

Wrong. So, so wrong. 

Some of it has to do with humility. We don't want to sound braggy or like we think we are the bees knees, but in reality that is in direct contradiction of having a website to promote your services. The whole point of the website is really to say "hey, you should hire ME and here is why!" Its very hard to do that without talking a little bit about why exactly you ARE the bees knees. 

Other times, we just don't feel like we are all that interesting or we try to hide behind the whole "it's about my client not about ME" nonsense. It is YOUR business, you are the one providing the service and YES your client does care about that. Don't you when choosing people to do work with? 

Despite all of the reasons why it's important, it can still be very challenging to put together an about me page that not only accurately portrays what you want to communicate but also attracts your ideal client. Here are some tips to get you started creating a KILLER about me page! 

how to write an about me page


Seriously YA'LL! GET your faces out from behind those cameras (yes I'm talking to those of you with the photos of you on your website in a mirror with a camera in front of your face) and get them on to your website. I don't care what you do or what profession you are in (stationery designers with those nice hand/arm shots...I'm lookin' at you!) your potential clients want to SEE you and know who they are working with. 

Seeing the face and the eyes of a person you are potentially about to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with is a HUGE way to build trust. I would love to do some sort of informal study one day and put 100 brides and grooms in a room and show them websites of vendors with and without headshot photos included and see which they are more drawn too. I have a sneaky suspicion I can guess the results! 

Even better...include a few different photos on your about page. Show some photos of you being you or living your life. Every single image tells your potential client more and more about you and builds more and more trust. 

And a side note...try (if you can) to get branded headshots, professional quality and include them across ALL of your social media platforms. Talk about a confidence builder for your potential clients...if everywhere they go they see the same or a similar looking photo, it exudes professionalism and trustworthiness! 


When really struggling to communicate what it is you do and why you do it, break it down in the form of questions and then answer those questions. 

  • What do you do? (be specific!)

  • Why do you do it?

  • Who do you do it for?

  • What do you do when you are are not doing it?

Hello! My name is Cinnamon and I am a wedding photographer. I photograph seriously awesome couples who are joining their lives together as one, and I believe with my whole heart and soul that needs to be celebrated and captured. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me cozied up on the couch next to my handsome husband and fluffy pups with my nose in a book and my hand wrapped around a coffee cup. 

^^^This is just one short example of answering those questions in a specific and honest way. You don't have to make your About Me page a novel staring you, you just have to clearly communicate enough about yourself so that visitors don't leave confused. 


Let's be honest, nine times out of ten our ideal client is very similar to us. And if they aren't, they would probably still be someone we would definitely want to be friends with. Small, creative businesses rarely cater to the general public nor should they try to appeal to EVERYONE with all sorts of conflicting needs and wants. If you try doing this, you will likely end up doing a disservice to not only them, but you too! Identifying your ideal client frees from that burden of trying to make everyone happy and lets you focus on the things that matter the most! 

So use words you would normally use in conversation. If you are more laid-back and care-free, and use a lot of humor when you talk with people, do the same on your about page. If you are more structured and precise, showcase that.....don't try to be something you're not...just be you. 

If your ideal client is more eclectic and unique, talk more about your eclectic and unique hobbies and interest. If your ideal client is adventurous and outdoorsy, talk more about your interests that involve the same. 

We are all dynamic individuals with MANY different interests, tastes, and hobbies that make our eyes sparkle and our hearts pitter patter. We don't have to tackle ALL THE THINGS on our about pages...we just need to share enough about the side of ourselves that will connect most with the type of client we want to attract! 


This is probably the easiest and hardest thing to come up with, but it is SUCH a great way for someone to get to know you better in a really short period of time. 

Think about 5 things that make you special...unique...that make you...YOU, and then write them out in list form. 

Love going to the gym? Love chocolate? Do you walk your dogs every day without fail? What is your favorite drink? Are you always at the movie? Always got your nose in a book? Always shopping for new shoes? Always adventuring with your spouse or family? Always take a 10 min nap every day? Always get up at 5 in the morning? 

I hear people say it all the time...."nothing about me is interesting"...that could NOT be farther from the truth!!! YOU may not find it interesting, but other people may find it fascinating. Don't underestimate the power of the little details that people can connect with. 

I recently had a bride contact me for her wedding and in her email she specifically said, "I love how you mentioned diet coke on your website!" Seriously! Something small and seemingly insignificant creates connection. 


Don't try to overload visitors with every story about your childhood when you were five and always had a camera in your hand. Don't include huge paragraphs of text going on and on about every little thing that inspires or drives you. Instead...put links to other places on your website (how about that dusty ol' blog?) where you talk about those things. 

If visitors to your site are already interested in what you are saying, they will likely click to see more instead of feeling like they are being bombarded with info off the bat. 

On my about page I have a couple of links to not only my camera gear, but also to the story of how Paul and I met and courted. This way if what I am saying is resonating with them, they have the ability to click deeper into my website and fall more and more in love with me and all I have to offer them! 

Want to learn more about me? Click HERE to check out my about page! (<---see what I did there?) ;-) 

Tell me about YOU!! Leave one (or more) fun fact about yourself in the comments!!

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