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Private Photo Editor + Business Coach for photographers and small business owners

Let's Make Magic Happen

Private Photo Editing  •  Coaching  •  DIY Resources


Feeling overwhelmed and over-worked?

I'm here to help you reclaim your time and transform your business.

Get ready to stop spinning your wheels and start spending your time on what's most important.

I've put together a list of services crafted with just that in mind:
helping you free up time and find your focus.

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One-on-One Services

Private Photo Editor for wedding photographers

Private Photo

You need support. You need someone you can trust, not just someone you hire to do a job, but someone who has your back + looks out for your best interests. Supporting you means you can serve your clients better and thats the stuff that makes me smile.

Business coaching for photographers and small creative business owners


Feeling lost in your business? Are you on the struggle bus when it comes to treating your business like a business? Are you tired of this being a "hobby" and want to start seeing real results and growth in your business? Some focused and actionable coaching will help you take those leaps forward! 

Tech coaching for photographers and small creative business owners

Coaching Program

16 weeks working alongside a curated group of women who are looking for guidance, encouragement and growth like you haven’t seen yet in your business. This program is a mastermind + group program all rolled into one. You need this.

Why I do this....

During each mentor session, she helped me outline my goals and held me accountable to the monthly projects we came up with. I was able to pick her brain on everything and anything because no question seemed too silly to ask, and no idea was too ridiculous to explore. She really was just that easy to talk to. Whenever I need to go back to the drawing board, I loop Cinnamon in. I want her to be a part of that conversation. I often joke that Cinnamon is the co-founder of Yumi Matsuo Photography - and that truly speaks to her passion and commitment towards helping her clients grow.
— Yumi, Yumi Matsuo Photography
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Not quite ready for one-on-one?

No problem! I've got lots of value-packed DIY options and free resources just for you! 

Business Tool Box

Want the inside scoop on EXACTLY what I use in my business? With links? Today is your lucky day!   

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Online Courses

Want to do it on your own? You go get’ em tiger!
I have three courses ready made for you to get started TODAY achieving your goals like WOAH

Cinnamon Wolfe Squarespace Masterclass


30 minutes for $30. My masterclasses are available for you to watch on your own time….again and again if you want. In the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Yes please.