You know how it’s easier to go to a networking event with a friend?

That’s what these courses are like.

All the crazy scary stuff that you think you don’t understand? Yeah, we are gonna walk through it together!


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Self paced mini-course for photographers looking to start their business the right way, from the beginning

You want to get this thing off the ground the right way. You need guidance to make sure you are taking the right steps.
This course was designed for you!

You can start this course TODAY!


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Self paced, online course for Photographers who are tired of feeling overwhelmed with blogging for their business

Blogging got you sweatin’? I got your back. Walk through this self paced course with easy to understand guides and videos and become the blogging ninja you were meant to be!

This course is launching soon!!

Made Easy

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For those looking to save hours of time and headaches dealing with organization + editing of their photos!

My signature course for photographers and hobbyists alike. Learn all the things about Lightroom you didn’t know you didn’t know. Ohhhh you are gonna save so much time!!!


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