Strategy Coaching

You need to figure out where to go next. You feel like you are hitting your stride when it comes to capturing images but the business stuff...that's got you a little on edge. 

I have been to many workshops, retreats and conferences and taken many online courses, but I have personally found that time spent with coaches and mentors is the time that has been the most valuable for my business. Focused, directed, specific help, answers and action plans to get you to the next level. 

Working 1:1 with a business coach is where the magic happens. Let's make some magic. 


Here's how it works:



Contact me!

Fill out the contact form below to let me know a little bit about you, where you are at currently in your business and what you need the most help with. Please be as detailed as possible because this will help me determine what the best course of action will be for you specifically and your business! 



Homework! I promise it won't be the boring kind! 

After we have nailed down exactly what kind of session is right for you (one time or longer term) I'll get you an invoice and a questionnaire! This will help me get even more detailed information about where you are now and where you feel like you should be going. From this questionnaire I'll be able to draft out a plan for our meeting so we can make the most use of our time and you can be assured that we will get all of your relevant questions answered! 



The call where the magic happens!

All of my strategy sessions are done via Zoom (which is similar to Skype) so we can SEE each other and also share screens if we need to. I will record the call so you won't have to worry too much about taking furious notes because you'll be able to rewatch/listen to the call at a later date. My clients find this SUPER helpful and love that they can go back and listen again in case they forgot anything specifically that we discussed. 


After our session is done you'll have a refreshed sense of energy and inspiration about where to go next in your business! 



Here's what Adrienne has to say about Strategy Coaching:

"I feel much more confident in running my business and calling myself a business owner now. I also feel like I know how to move forward instead of just spinning my wheels constantly! If you are struggling in your business in any aspect, I highly recommend her services!"

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Have strategy down pat, but need help navigating the techy side of your business? I can help with that, too!