You need to figure out where to go next.

You feel like you are hitting your stride when it comes to capturing images but the business stuff.…..that's got you a little on edge. 

I have been to many workshops, retreats and conferences and taken many online courses, but I have personally found that time spent with coaches and mentors is the time that has been the most valuable for my business. Focused, directed, specific help, answers and action plans to get you to the next level. 

Working 1:1 with a business coach is where the magic happens. Let's make some magic. 

What is a “Quick Wins” Coaching Session?


So glad you asked!

+ These sessions are crafted specifically with your needs in mind. We are going to dig in to the specific area you need the most help with right now and move past those obstacles.

+ Each session is 90 minutes and recorded so you’ll be able to watch it again in the future if you need a refresher.

+ When you book your session you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire so I am able to craft the session to make the most of our time together.

We can talk about a variety of subjects: Business goals, social media or marketing strategy, blogging, website effectiveness, profit planning, email marketing or we can focus on more technical subjects like working in Squarespace or using Lightroom!

**Because of the demand for these sessions, I typically book only 4 sessions per month and all sessions take place on Tuesday’s!


After our session is done you'll have a refreshed sense of energy and inspiration about where to go next in your business! 



Here's what Adrienne has to say about Coaching:

"I feel much more confident in running my business and calling myself a business owner now. I also feel like I know how to move forward instead of just spinning my wheels constantly! If you are struggling in your business in any aspect, I highly recommend a session with Cinnamon!"

Adrienne Louise Photography