035: All about 2nd shooting, Paul & Cinnamon

Oh boy! 2nd shooting. You wouldn't think this is a controversial subject, but sometimes it can cause a stir. People have very strong opinions about 2nd shooting and how you should approach it. In today's episode I'm sharing about how I got started 2nd shooting and my first wedding (even though I had never 2nd shot before). 

We also go through looking for primary shooters and all of the benefits that go along with focusing on 2nd shooting for your business! 

Should you 2nd shoot before shooting a wedding on your own?

Show Notes

  • Do you have to 2nd shoot before shooting your own wedding?
  • The story of Cinnamons first wedding as primary photographer (hint...she had not 2nd shot before). 
  • There are so many benefits to 2nd shooting
    • Gets you to more weddings and different weddings
    • Gain experience watching other photographers work, one of the best learning situations you can be in
    • You can learn things you do and DON'T want to do on a wedding day
    • You get to network and likely start getting referrals
    • The pressure isn't on you
    • You can flex your creativity
  • Set some goals around 2nd shooting

Don't just shoot for anybody. Do your research and look into the primary shooter and make sure you are a fit.