033: Taking yourself seriously as a Business Owner, Paul & Cinnamon

We are BACK!! After our month and a half hiatus for the summer, Paul and I are back with more episodes of Focus(ed) Podcast. We are kicking it off with a discussion about what it means to take yourself seriously as a business owner and how that plays out with your interactions with your clients, your pricing and all sorts of other stuff! Thanks for sticking with us...lots more awesome stuff to come!!! 

taking yourself seriously as a business owner | www.cinnamonwolfe.co

Show Notes

  • When you don't take yourself seriously, no one else will. 
  • How taking yourself seriously can affect people asking you for discounts, favors etc...
  • Why its hard for new business owners to take themselves seriously
    • the transition is awkward and strange, so we downplay it
    • its hard to sound confident when you feel unsure of yourself
  • How do confidently answer the question "What is your price" when asked in person
  • Taking yourself seriously means you can say no and you can say "I don't know" 
  • Its FINE to not have a "serious" business...its OK to keep your creative outlet as a hobby, BUT don't expect people to treat you like a "serious business"