008: live! From Ignite workshop

Today's episode is a little different than the norm, but it was so much fun we couldn't help but share it! 

I am a member of NJ Spark which is a group of photographers in the Northern NJ area who gets together once a week to fellowship and do a bible study. We decided a while back to team together and put on a free workshop for other photographers in our local area. Response was so great that we decided to extend our original one day workshop to two full days with 15 different photographers each day!!

The six speakers covered a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Conducting a Successful Client Meeting by Amy Rizzuto
  • 2nd Shooting to grow your business by Mekina Saylor
  • Becomming besties with blogging and SEO by Cinnamon Wolfe
  • The Album Process by Cassi Claire
  • It's never too late to live your dreams by Debbie Ryan
  • All the feels (a class on posing genuine emotion) by Jessica OH. 

Paul and I decided to bring Focus(ed) to the workshop and we chatted briefly with each speaker and then pulled attendees during the latter part of the day to ask them their biggest takeaway or ah-ha moment from the day! We LOVED what everyone had to say and wanted to share it with all of our listeners. 

We hope you enjoy the episode!! 

focused podcast: live from Ignite workshop hosted by NJ Spark

For more information on NJ Spark, click HERE!!