007: Moving your business without Fear, Meredith Ryncarz

Today is a super awesome episode especially for Paul and I because we relate to this topic so personally! Meredith has moved her business to a new city and state numerous times in the past few years and through those moves she has gained a wealth of knowledge on how to keep your business busy and booked despite the challenges of moving! 

She is a wealth of knowledge and even if a move is not on your horizon, I still think you are going to gain some wisdom out of this episode!! Enjoy! 

OH and super sweet deal Meredith is opening up especially for the podcast...she is placing her Restart Guide e-book on sale for 50% off for the podcast tomorrow and she is also offering a 15% off mentoring sessions for Focused listeners! Use code LAUNCH2 when checking out! 

Focused Podcast hosted by Paul and Cinnamon Wolfe, Guest Meredith Ryncarz


The Restart Specialist : Moving your business without fear

Three things if you are moving:

  • Know your budget
  • Reach out for contacts before hand
  • SEO is KING!!

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