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Hi...I'm Cinnamon

And I'm here to help you make the business side of your business less icky 

blogging • website • calendar • email lists • workflows • systems • and much more.....

  • I started my photography business on accident in 2013 after years in corporate america.
  • Two years later we moved across the country and I quadrupled my income.
  • OH! and I'm an introvert. (I promise).

I love helping other photographers and business owners tackle the business side of their passion in order to help keep them organized, profitable and focused on what they love doing! 

Tool Box

Everything....and I mean everything...I use to run my business. 

I've tried a lot of systems/apps/programs/softwares etc...throughout my entrepreneur journey.

like seriously, a LOT. 

I share my extensive list and offer insights into why I've landed on all of these specifics. I do have some affiliate links included but I never share or promote any sort of products that I haven't used and loved. That's not how I roll. 


An extensive list of all of my favorite business books


My favorite podcasts for business AND pleasure

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