frequently asked questions

What is cinnamonwolfe (dot) co? 

Its a place: 

  • For new-ish photographers, creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs to obtain ridiculously helpful resources to help them grown their business.
  • Where we can talk about the fact that being an introvert is not a bad thing. It does not automatically mean you can't be successful as a photographer or business owner.
  • That is meant to be supportive, encouraging, genuine and educational. I know what its like to be alone in this business and my goal is to create a place to help others feeling the same way. I'm so glad you are here.

What's up with the blog? 

The blog is the heart of You will find post after post with actionable information to help you navigate the waters of running your own business, how to be a better, more efficient photographer and how to navigate it all as someone who might be more quiet and thoughtful than everyone else.

Can I hire you to help me one on one? 

You sure can! I am available for general strategy sessions, one time coaching or ongoing coaching for all things related to photography, business and blogging. 

Do you speak at workshops/conferences?

I do! Speaking and educating is my long term passion. I am a teacher at heart and want to always utilize that skill and passion throughout my life to be a blessing to others. To chat with me about speaking at your upcoming workshop or conference, contact me here and let's chat! 

Do you still do photography?

I sure do! I still own and operate Cinnamon Wolfe Photography and offer wedding photography and family photography. 

How long have you been in business?

I started CWP in early 2013 while living in California. I moved to New Jersey in the summer of 2015. Because of my passion for teaching, educating and supporting, I decided to open cinnamonwolfe(dot)co in the early Spring of 2017. 

What did you do before this?

I went graduated from University of New Mexico with a BBA and MBA in Human Resources. I worked as a Human Resource Business Partner for T-Mobile for just over 6 years. I taught classes at the University of New Mexico as well as Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA. 

You talk a lot about introverts. What if I'm an extrovert? Am I still welcome here? 

I am so glad you asked!! Absolutely you are welcome!! My goal with this website is not to be exclusive at all, but to be a resource for introverted creatives since there aren't a lot of resources specifically for them. In addition, I want this site to be a LEGIT resource regarding photography, business, blogging and squarespace no matter what temperament you might have. I love you all and am cheering for you!