037: Another way to think about Instagram

Another way to think about Instagram


Everyones favorite social media platform right now. But changes are coming and a lot of the changes that have been happening on Instagram are affecting how people are using the platform.

Today we are talking about how you should be thinking about your Instagram strategy as the platform changes. 

Another way to think about instagram

Show Notes

  • User experience for non-business owners is DIFFERENT than it is for business owners and we need to be aware of that and think through it when we think about how we use the platform
  • Number of followers DO matter depending on your strategy and they DON't matter if you are using the platform as a brand booster and way to connect and engage
  • The feed aesthetic is becoming less important over time
  • IG stories is changing the way people use the platform
  • Re-evaluate your IG goals over time because the platform is changing so rapidly