022: Why you need more than a headshot, Brianne Dosier from Brightly & Co.

We are so excited for today's episode!! Paul and I loved chatting with Brianne from Brightly & Co all about personality branding photography and how that plays a role in running your small creative business! Maybe you've made that first step in actually showing your face on your website/social media but does your business need more than just that headshot? We really dig into why or why not!! 

Brianne's Professional Bio: Brianne has been a photographer and branding strategist for over 10 years. She just didn’t always know it. These were the projects she did on the side, just for fun, and sometimes she even got paid. After years of pursuing her career in music, doing photography on the side and working as an administrator for a “real” job Brianne took a leap of faith and started her own company, Brightly & Co. (a heart-centered Branding Development company, via Design, Photography, Education & Encouragement). 

After experiencing the heart wrenching transition of a dream dying, Brianne knows what it takes to turn a new leaf and pursue that deep passion you may not have known was there. That’s why her heart is in supporting and helping other creatives learn, grow and pursue their passions. When she’s not cultivating brands for driven entrepreneurs, she’s usually teaching via video, having tea chats with friends and watching hilarious comedies (or Disney movies) with her fluffball Kitty and hunky boyfriend. 

Based in Portland Oregon, she loves exploring new cities and supporting other amazing creatives.

Why you need more than a headshot, Brianne Dosier, Brightly & Co. | Focused Podcast

Show Notes

What is personality branding photography? About being who you are and being OK with it and not trying to hide it in any way shape or form.

Advice for someone looking into branding photography 

  • Do some research
  • Find someone you are really comfortable with
  • Be aware of photos and things that you are really drawn too, not stuff that is trendy or hip

Is there a certain stage in someone's business for when branding photography makes more sense for them?

Things will change in your business as you progress, so be prepared for the fact that if you invest in this early on you will probably be re-investing in a few years. 

Cinnamons personal advice: Get your face on your website!!! 

Tips for getting people to be more comfortable in front of the camera:

  • Act like an idiot
  • Meet them before the session
  • Compliment throughout the session
  • Educate while taking the photos, talk the entire time
  • Explain why you are taking certain photos, compositions, uses etc...helps take the photo off themselves

When investing in branding photography, you NEED more than just a headshot. Stock photography or shots showcasing how you do your business are essential. 

Three things who is now convinced they need branding photography:

  • Do the research and take your time on getting the right photographer
  • Interview and don't price shop
  • Do some self-reflection on what you want to portray, determine your core values

Three favorite tools, system or tech

  • Dubsado
  • Asana
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Squarespace
  • Meet Edgar
  • ConvertKit

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