016: Building a brand that grows with you, Samantha Mabe from Lemon & the Sea

BRAND. Its such a buzzword right now. Everyone's talking about branding and re-branding and having an authentic brand and on and on and on....What does it all mean? How do we as small business owners think about our own brands and how to create them? When is the right time to think about branding your business and how can we build brands that are authentic but also flexible to grow with us as our businesses grow? 

Today Paul and I are chatting with Samantha Mabe from Lemon & the Sea and we are tackling all the hard questions! 

Building a brand that grows with you Samantha Mabe, Lemon & the Sea

Show Notes

11:00 What does it mean to have a brand? 

How to help figure out what your brand is:

  • Look for threads in your life
  • Ask other people

Relating your brand with your ideal client

More of the heart behind their business. Sometimes it's what you enjoy about your business that translates into what your ideal client is also interested in. 

Steps people can take to make their brand more flexible: 

  • Keep things simple and classic, stay away from things that are super trendy
  • Don't choose a platform that will limit you from growth - start with something that is flexible (Squarespace is a good option ;-) ) 

33:00 Tips for making a Pinterest board for your designer

Three steps for someone just starting to think about creating a brand?

  • Do a "soft launch", reach out to and work with people who you think might be your ideal clients
  • Don't worry about following trends...follow your own style...if what you like is trendy that's OK! Stick with it because you will probably always like it 
  • Figure out what it is that you love about your dream clients

Two tech/software system you can't live without:

Samantha's Website | Instagram