005: How podcasting can benefit your business, Kinsey Roberts

Kinsey Roberts! I have so much to say about this girl but I don't want this post to end up being 5000 words so I'll try to keep it succinct! 

I am so incredibly glad that I found Kinsey Roberts out there in the expansive land that we all know as the internet. I actually found her through Instagram and instantly resonated with everything that she was doing. She was in the wedding industry and had just started a podcast. It's like we were meant to be best friends. 

I reached out to her and not long after that I was actually a guest on her show which was like a dream come true for me. Since then, we have become friends and cheerleaders for each other as well as kind of accountability partners of sorts when it comes to some of our initial initiatives. I got to meet her at the VIPINtensive earlier this year and I love her even more after that. 

She is a true champion for women in business as well as in the industry leader and I think she's gonna do BIG things ya'll. Like seriously, big!

Paul and I loved chatting with her about all things podcasting and how podcasting can benefit your business as well as how to become a podcast guest (if you aren't actually interested in starting your own show.) She is a wealth of knowledge and even if podcasting is totally foregin to you, I think you are going to get a lot out of this episode!! 

How podcasting can benefit your business, Kinsey Roberts