• You want a killer website that you are super proud of

• You are questioning exactly how to price your sessions and you want to feel confident sharing exactly what you offer

• You are confused about getting set up with your city + state as a legitimate business

• You want to know how much it costs you to be in business so you can set goals to actually make some dolla dolla bills

Hobby -> Biz is the answer

Starting and growing a photography business is hands down one of the most exciting, exhilarating (and exhausting) things you'll do. 

I know, I've been there!


Not only are you:

  • Working to understand the exposure triangle

  • Figuring out what lenses will get you your desired result

  • Spending hours in Lightroom making your photos come to life

But you also are: 

  • Figuring out what to say in emails to clients or potential clients

  • Wondering how in the world to price your services

  • Wanting to stand out online and on social media

  • Trying to create some sort of workflow to keep everything organized


This is exactly why I put together my all time favorite and most helpful resources together in one place just for you.

I could sell everything separately and make you jump through hoops to grab it all,
but I'm a huge fan of things being as simple as possible.


This Mini-Course is FILLED TO THE BRIM with resources that I would have loooooved to have had near the beginning of my business. (Heck, I still use many of them still after 6+ years!) 

and you get it alllllll included….

for $37!

So what's included? Scroll down to check it out! 


Quick + Easy course videos

These four videos take you through all of the hardest areas of starting your own photography business. We get into all of the “business-y” stuff, setting up your website, Lightroom and most important…PRICING!

Screenshot 2019-02-18 13.24.10.jpg
Screenshot 2019-02-18 13.25.30.jpg
Screenshot 2019-02-18 13.24.47.jpg
Screenshot 2019-02-18 13.26.09.jpg

Business Essentials

These three downloads might be my favorite in this entire collection. This stuff is the absolute essentials...the backbone to running a growing, profitable and successful business. Most photographers have no idea where to get started....THIS...this is where you start! 







Email templates

Other people sell their email templates anywhere from $25-$150.

You get them ALL included here.

Use these as is, or tweak them to your liking. The more personal the better.
**Save as canned responses to save you even more time!

Email Template Graphics.jpg

Included in this set:

  • Initial Inquiry Response

  • Follow up after Pricing

  • Last follow up/Closeout inquiry

  • Client late on payment

  • Can I get the pricing someone else had?

Email Template Graphics2.jpg

Included in this set:

  • Initial Inquiry Response

  • Follow up after Pricing

  • Last follow up/Closeout inquiry

  • Client late on payment

  • Can I get the pricing someone else had?

General Email Template Graphic.jpg

Included in this set: 

  • Can I have the Raw images?

  • When others ask for the photo link

  • I am not a right fit for your wedding

  • I am not a right fit for your family session

  • You are too expensive

  • Can I break apart your packages?

  • Can I have a discount because I'm a friend of a friend?

  • Request for a review from a client

Questionnaire templates


Sending questionnaires to your clients throughout the process of working with
them is so beneficial for so many different reasons.

Don't recreate the wheel!
Use these questionnaires immediately with your clients! 



Family Session


Wedding Day Info

Wedding Vendor

Become legit, today

Don’t spend hours and hours of time trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own. Let me help guide you through those tricky questions that will inevitably come up as you start your new business. This course was specifically designed to NOT overwhelm you but to help you get the answers to your biggest questions, FAST so you can start making those DOLLA DOLLA BILLS!!!

are Ready to rock your New business?