Hobby to Biz Mini Course

Hobby to Biz Mini Course


Hobby —> Biz Mini course for photographers

You are ready to get serious about actually having a business that is ready to be legit and grow! This course will help you set a foundation for your new business. Stop wondering what the next steps are and get ready to skyrocket your progress!

Course Includes:

• 4 - course videos/lessons

Lesson #1 - Setting up your business so it’s legit

Lesson #2- Setting up your photography website

Lesson #3 - Getting started in Lightroom, the right way

Lesson #4 - Pricing your services

• Business Essentials downloads including:

Business Plan Template

Cost of doing business worksheet

Photography business tasks tracker

• FULL set of email templates

• FULL set of questionnaire templates

Course is self paced and available as soon as purchased

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