Cinnamon. Like the Spice. 

Cinnamon Wolfe, Private Photo Editor and Business Coach

(literally what I say every time I tell someone my name over the phone because they never thought they heard right) 

Former corporate gal turned photographer, private photo editor, blogger, speaker and educator. I love how everything in my life has happened in order to bring me right to this place.

Here. Talking to you. 

(sort-of anyway) ;-) 

Dogs. Lightbulb moments. Belly Laughs. Diet Coke. Candy Crush. Sarcasm. Laundry. My faith. STRIPES. Stella Rosa.

Can you guess which of the above is NOT something I'm obsessed with? 

Cinnamon Wolfe, Private Photo Editor and Business Coach

I'm also a huge fan of lists...can you tell?

a few more things you should know about me.... 

  • I got married in my 30's.

  • I'm a stepmom.

  • I'm not really into fashion and if I could wear the same outfit every day I probably would.

  • I've felt out of place most of my life but despite that I know that my value lies in something so much bigger.

Cinnamon and Paul from Focused Podcast
  • I have a MBA in Human Resources and have taught college level classes at University of New Mexico and Bellevue College.

  • I've moved my business across the country TWICE and tripled my income in the process.

  • My husband is my best friend and my biggest supporter.

My Mission

To be a light in this world while helping others understand they are capable of so much more than they think they are.

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