Former corporate gal turned photographer, private photo editor, blogger, speaker and educator. I love how everything in my life has happened in order to bring me right to this place.

Here. Talking to you. 

(sort-of anyway) ;-) 

Dogs. Lightbulb moments. Belly Laughs. Diet Coke. Candy Crush. Sarcasm. Laundry. My faith. STRIPES.

Can you guess which of the above is NOT something I'm obsessed with? 


I'm also a huge fan of lists...can you tell?

a few more things you should know about me.... 

  • I got married in my 30's.

  • I'm a stepmom.

  • I'm not really into fashion and if I could wear the same outfit every day I probably would.

  • I've felt out of place most of my life but despite that I know that my value lies in something so much bigger.

2019-01-01 14.00.53.jpg
  • I have a MBA in Human Resources and have taught college level classes at University of New Mexico and Bellevue College.

  • I've moved my business across the country TWICE and tripled my income in the process.

  • My husband is my best friend and my biggest supporter.

My Mission

To be a light in this world while helping others understand they are capable of so much more than they think they are.

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