30 for $30 Masterclasses

Tired of spending hours scouring the internet and not finding the answers?


These classes are:

jammed full of the exact steps to take…

answers to questions from business owners just like you….

….and did I mention

that you can binge watch them whenever you want!

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Creating a Secret Client Guide on Squarespace 30 for $30 Masterclasses by Cinnamon Wolfe2.jpg

Stop searching for the perfect PDF that will take you hours to customize. Do it right on the back end of your site!

Make beautiful client guides, pricing guides, welcome guides…the options truly are endless!

Students have had their guides completed 30 min after the class. Get on it!!

SEO Your Blog Posts 30 for $30 Masterclasses by Cinnamon Wolfe.jpg

Not sure of the exact steps to take to make sure your blog posts are working FOR you even while you sleep?

This class walks you through the exact steps to take on your blog posts when it comes to SEO!

Learn how to update your blog posts and head towards page one!!

Squarespace SEO for Photographers 30 for $30 Masterclasses by Cinnamon Wolfe

Wondering if the rumors are true? Does Squarespace SEO suck? Hint…it doesn’t…let me show you why!

This power packed class has it all. SEO strategy combined with where to put it all in your site!

Easy, step by step instructions and you’ll be climbin in the rankings in no time.

Advanced Blog Organization 30 for $30 Masterclass by Cinnamon Wolfe

Tired of putting so much hard work into blog posts and then having them buried on your site with no way for readers to find them? Let’s fix that!!

Blog organization is one of the BEST things you can do for your website, but something that SO MANY photographers overlook.

Stand out from the crowd by learning EXACTLY how to showcase your content in a way that is easy for readers to find!

Blogging on Squarespace-30for30 shop graphic.jpg

Use Squarespace and have no idea where to start when it comes to blogging?

We are going to go from START to PUBLISH and cover everything in between so you feel 100% confident everytime you want to publish a blog post.

We cover: starting your blog, how to publish or schedule a post, tips for SEO on images and headers as well as organization and conversion tips!


30 for $30 FAQ

What does 30 for $30 mean?

Each class is 30 minutes of detailed instruction on specific subjects. These are not generic webinars with a pitch for a paid product at the end. 30 minutes of teaching followed by up to 30 minutes of live Q&A for $30.

How do these classes work?

These classes were recorded live, online with students tuned in watching and asking questions. Each class is 30 minutes of instruction with Q&A at the end.

What happens after I purchase?

After you purchase the class you can begin watching right away! If you don’t want to watch right away you can still access the class link and watch whenever you would like!

Will I be able to ask questions?

On any classes in the future, if you sign up before class starts and attend live, you can ask questions and get real time answers. On the recorded replays however there is not an opportunity to ask questions during the class. However, you can hop over to the free facebook group FOCUSED BUSINESS owners and ask any questions you’d like in that group!

Is the content in the classes outdated?

All classes were recorded within the past 6 months and the information is not outdated. Should updates need to be made I will run another live class with the updated information! Make sure you are on the masterclass waitlist to ensure you receive notification of any updates or changes to purchased or new classes!

I already purchased one of these classes and attended live, will I have to purchase it again?

No! As long as you are using the same email address you purchased the class with, you’ll have access to replay the link until further notice!

* The only exception is if a class is offered initially as free with a time limit on replay. If that is the case then after the time limit expires, you might be required/prompted to pay for the class in order to watch it.

If the class was originally free, why do I need to pay now?

I love offering free education! However, those classes are offered with a time limit to encourage you to actually watch the class and take action. After that time expires you are more than welcome to continue having access to the content with purchase!

Any questions about these classes that weren’t answered above? Shoot me an email!