ready to edit better + faster?

Are you a photography business owner or hobbyist Lightroom user who feels like you could be getting more out of Lightroom but you aren’t sure where to start?

  • Have you just started using Lightroom and are feeling overwhelmed?

  • Have you been using Lightroom for a while but feel frustrated when things go wrong and you aren’t sure how to fix them?

  • Do you love the power and ease of using Lightroom but feel like you spend too much time in the program and would love to have a more efficient workflow?

This course was designed for you!


The Lightroom Made Easy course will help you…..

+ Create an organization system for your photos that will have you breathing a sigh of relief

+ Show you exactly how you are using Lightroom wrong and what to do to fix it

+ Show you how to keep your Lightroom running blazing fast

+ Teach you the exact workflow from shooting to exporting to save you hours of time

+ Show you things you could do in Lightroom that you never knew were possible

+ Save you hours and hours of time in front of the computer (pinky swear!)



This course was easy to follow, packed with tips and tricks, and I couldn't wait to implement Cinnamon's strategies after each class. My business is even more efficient and my catalog organization has never looked so good!

~ KC - KC England Photography


Is this course right for you?

Good question! you are so freaking smart for asking


This course is for:

  • Photographers new to Lightroom

  • Photographers who have been using Lightroom for a few years

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use or edit photos in Lightroom

  • Anyone who feels like they don’t fully understand how Lightroom works

  • Private photo editors who want to learn how to use Lightroom more efficiently

This course is NOT for:

  • Photographers who are looking to learn how to edit in a specific style

  • Hyper advanced Lightroom users

  • Someone looking to learn more about Photoshop



So, what’s included in the course?

+ Five 30 minute course videos

+ PDF’s with time stamps for each course video

+ Private facebook group for all course members

+ Set of 10 of Cinnamons favorite time saving presets


Pricing + Details

** Immediate access to course materials

** Five, 30 min videos

** Timestamped PDF’s of what is covered in each video

** Access to Cinnamons Lightroom Made Easy private FB group


Cinnamon did an incredible job with this course! I applied some of what I learned immediately (smart preview and loading tips!) and am excited about what it will do for my workflow. Thank you for this!

~ Carol- Carol Denise Photography

quick + easy to watch course videos

These five videos take you through all of the essential Lightroom functions to keep you editing quickly and efficiently so you can actually spend LESS time in the system overall. We start with the foundation of photo organization and move all the way through to export.

You will be a Lightroom ninja after going through these sessions!



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Cinnamon circle head shot.png

Hi, I’m Cinnamon

+ I have been working in Lightroom for 6+ years and know the ins and outs like the back of my hand

+ I am a private photo editor for 25+ wedding photographers and look at thousands of images per week

+ I have helped countless photogs and creatives take control of their editing workflow to save hundreds of hours of time

This class seriously changed my business! I can blog now in no time taking my images from lightroom to blog stomp and doing it quickly and efficiently! I now can navigate in Lightroom faster than ever! Between the shortcuts and hidden tips I am going fast! I have saved so much money by taking this class in time management alone! I would highly recommend this class and any other future classes from Cinnamon Wolfe! 5 Stars Plus!!

~ Deb - deborahannphotography


After this course, you

+ Will have a photo organization system that all your friends will be jealous of

+ Will blaze through your editing at speeds you didn’t think were possible

+ Will actually enjoy editing again since it takes you way less time

+ Will feel like a rock star every time you open Lightroom

I've been using Lightroom for 6 years, and I still learned a ton from this course!

~ Danielle - In Joy Photography

Pricing + Details

** Immediate access to course materials

** Five, 30 min videos

** Timestamped PDF’s of what is covered in each video

** Access to Cinnamons Lightroom Made Easy private FB group