How I got the shot | Wedding on the beach

Name: deborah ryan

Business Name: deborahannphotography

Why did you take this photo? : Pam and Morgan so wanted their ceremony to be on the beach and it was set to be but it rained alot! So when the rain stopped for a little bit we all ran out to get the pics on the beach that we could.

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Nikkor 70-200 2.8

All exif data: F stop 2.8, ISO 320 Shutter Speed 4000

Why did you use these settings? : I had no light at all to use. The sky was dark and very grey and totally overcast. I knew that I would need a fast shutter speed because the sand was wet and they were very shaky trying to walk through it. I knew I could get alot of exposure in post so I was not worried at all. I chose no fill flash as I usually want to avoid that outdoors most of the time.

Thought process behind the photo: So here I wanted the ocean behind them and needed a bit of the rocks in the image to break up the solid horizon. Morgan is one who thinks he is suppose to always look to the photographer so I had to trick him a bit. I shouted to Pam that she needed to say something very personal that would make him laugh. Well it worked for sure, I love how candid this shot was by capturing his true emotion.

Editing of the photo:  So I knew when I shot this that alot of work would be needed to bring this image to life. With no natural light at all, the image was quite dull. Washed out really.
I used a preset that I created to enhance color, clarity, exposure and contrast. From there I tweaked alot of other things in lightroom, especially the lights and darks. I saturated the blues to get Morgan's grey suit to pop out. Pam had a great tan which really helped alot for her skin not disappearing. Morgan has very fair skin so I had to darken him a bit.

How I got the shot | Wedding on the beach | DeborahannPhotography

I am married to my best friend Jeff. We have two beautiful children both getting married within the next 7 months. Creating and capturing life's journey for my clients through my lens is such a gift to me!

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