How I got the shot | The pensive bride

Name: Heather Navratil

Business Name: Heather Laurenne Photography

Why did you take this photo?: I had just finished taking shots of the bride and groom on the bar and wanted to take some of the groom alone, the bride's gown had such a large skirt that I told her she could relax and sit there while I took some quick shots of the groom. As I was taking one of him I looked over my shoulder and saw her sitting there looking absolutely beautiful and I just loved the darkness and moodiness of the composition.

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: Nikon 85mm 1.8

All exif data: 1/100 sec at f/2.8, iso 4500, no flash

Why did you use these settings?: We were losing natural light fast so I had to bump up my ISO a lot higher than I typically like to. With my style I like to shoot fairly wide open so I kept the aperture where it was for my groom shots and bumped the ISO up to allow more light into the camera.

Thought process behind the photo: The couple photos I had taken before this one had been taken straight on, with the bride and groom facing my camera. I left the bride on the bar to take photos of the groom in another location and turned around to see this stunning image. She was sitting there relaxed, playing with her necklace, I just picked up my camera and took a quick shot. Part of my style is capturing the unplanned or unposed moments.

Editing of the photo:  I like moody, colorful, and depth in my images so for this image I had to do a little bit in post processing. I mainly edit in Photoshop. I use some actions but I mostly had edit. I adjusted white balance to tone down the yellow from the venue lighting, increased the exposure, increased the contrast and blacks, decreased the whites and highlights. Then did some hand editing to increase the drama of the image.

How I got the shot | The pensive bride

I'm Heather Laurenne, the photographer behind Heather Laurenne Photography in Houston, TX and Richmond, VA. I specialize in engagements, weddings, and love stories for the whimsical, unique, and bespoke bride. 

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