How I got the shot - The Groom

Name: Andrea Brewster

Business Name: Andrea Brewster Photography

Why did you take this photo?: Nothing fancy here! It was a November wedding and the bride and groom chose to do a First Look. This was the groom's individual portrait during their formals time.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark lll

Lens: Canon 24-70mm 2.8L ll USM

All exif data: ISO 400 1/200 sec at f3.5
24-70 at 70mm, no flash

Why did you use these settings?: I prefer the 70-200 on an individual portrait. However, that lens requires you to be a minimum of 4 feet from your subject to be able to focus. I didn't have the space to back up, so switching to the 24-70 at 70mm enabled me to get what I was wanting. Also, I normally would have shot this image at f3.2, but I knew my lenses needed calibration. So I shot it at 1/200 and 3.5 to help take the worry out of if it would be in focus or not.

Thought process behind the photo: I rarely find a groom that is excited about portraits, especially when it's just him. As a mom of all boys I get it. In the consult I tell them to leave it me and I promise they'll look good! I call this my "David Beckham." When I ask the groom if he wants to look like David Beckham, I usually get, "you can do that?" I tell them to stand straight facing me and unbutton all buttons on their jacket. Then I have them completely turn their entire bodies about 45ยบ right or left. Separate their feet in a casual, "hey man what's up" stance. Then the important part: I have them turn ONLY their shoulders back towards me and lean slightly forward. Finally I ask them to button and unbutton their jacket a few times, while looking at me, and also looking out. I always show the groom the image after and then he's totally on board for anything after that! If you can make a groom feel awesome and comfortable, it overflows onto everything else! This pose executes this really quite fast.

Editing of the photo: I'm not a heavy editor. I like it clean and as bright as I can can get without losing any detail. I try really really hard to get it right in camera and this is a great example where that happened. Exposure +.10, Contrast +10. I definitely open up shadows quite a bit on my images and adding a little contrast helps keep it looking A-okay when I do that! I'm also obsessed with greens in an image and always adjust the luminance in my greens. And that's it!

Groom in a blue suit and a pink tie smiling at the camera

3 sentence bio about you/your business: Arizona wedding photographer since 2009. As a non-25 year old photographer, I bring something totally different to the experience... A piece of mind on a brides wedding day (like a favorite aunt), managing timelines and people quite well, and we can't leave out I'm the bomb at homemade bread and jam. But the best part about me is my rockstar of a husband and being a mom to all boys! #boymom

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