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Name: Scott Williams

Business Name: Mistry and Scott Photography

Why did you take this photo?: This is a bride and groom portrait taken at a recent wedding in Anacortes, WA. The venue was on the waterfront on an old fish cannery and converted cold storage warehouse which is now a wedding venue. The wedding timeline was structured specifically so that we could shoot bride and groom portraits at sunset and this evening turned out to be spectacular!

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lens: Canon 70-200 IS II 2.8 USM

All exif data: Camera Settings: ISO = 100, S/S = 1/200, F-stop = 6.3

Lighting of the bride/groom: Profoto B1 to camera left with Profoto 3x4 softbox feathered on bride/groom. Manual power.

Why did you use these settings?: My method for OCF images:

First get a properly exposed ambient shot. I wanted my ISO as low as possible to reduce images noise, next I set my shutter speed to my sync speed of 1/200. (If I need more ambient at any point, I can slow down my S/S. If I need less ambient, I adjust with aperture) I then adjust my f-stop so that my ambient meter reading is -1. I wanted my background a full stop darker than what the camera says is "perfect" or 0 on the meter. This -1 setting creates a darker background creating a bit of drama and highlighting my subject.

Once I have a properly exposed ambient shot (Exposed properly for the sunset, clouds and background) I turn on my OCF positioning my light and modifier to my subject. I feather the lift so that my softbox edge is lighting my subject and the modifier is actually positioned or pointed in front of my subject. Once the light is positioned correctly, I take a test shot and look at my histogram. I am looking for my red channel on the histogram to just barely touch the right side wall of the histogram. Once I have it powered correctly, I know my background and subject are both properly exposed and the shot is all dialed in!

Thought process behind the photo: I absolutely loved the clouds and sunset and the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands in the background yet the rough and "industrial" feeling of the pier just looked great and matched my style perfectly. I also loved the fact that there was some standing water on the pier, creating a reflection from the sunset of the pier. The backlight and small bit of lens flare all came together for a great shot. 

Once I knew that I was going to shoot the bride and groom on this dock, I had Mistry (my better half) direct them to come together and go "cross-eyed" close or forehead to forehead. This pose creates intimacy between the two of them. Next we had the groom whisper a few things to the bride to create some emotion...we might ask the groom to whisper to the bride about the first time he knew he wanted to marry her, this creates emotion, smiles and usually a few natural kisses!!

Editing of the photo:  Editing was very simple and minimal. The shot was mostly all dialed in "in-camera". My editing for this photo included bumping up the shadows a touch, and adjusting the tone curve panel in LR to a "backwards C"!

Bride and Groom in front of a beautiful sunset

3 sentence bio about you/your business: Mistry & Scott Photography are Husband + Wife wedding and portrait photographers specializing in joyful, intimate images. We are based in the beautiful PNW🌲 and saved by grace✨ 📲 

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