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Name: Shaina Diaz

Business Name: Shaina Lee Photography

Why did you take this photo?: This photo was taken during the couple's first dance at a December wedding. The DJ had a machine that blasted out "snow flurries" while playing their song.

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Canon 35mm L

All exif data: ISO 250, f/1.4, 1/160
Canon Speedlite 430EX II-RT mounted to a light stand with a 30" white shoot through umbrella, controlled by Yongnuo wireless flash triggers

Why did you use these settings?: The bride had told me beforehand that the DJ was going to make it "snow" during the first dance. Before the reception started, I took a few minutes to do a few test shots with the snow machine on with my couple in the center of the dance floor where the flurries would be landing on them. After a few tweaks, making sure both of them, as well as the snow, was lit up enough, I landed on these settings.

Thought process behind the photo: While I love to shoot as many of my photos in natural light as I can, that's not always possible to do on a wedding day, especially those with indoor ceremonies or receptions. For this particular photo, I used a flash off camera, set up next to one of the music speakers near the DJ's booth. I stood directly in front of the DJ's booth, so my OCF set up was behind me, and about 30 degrees to my left.

Editing of the photo:  I like my images to be light and airy, with a bit of contrast to add a bit of pop, while maintaining warm skin tones. While editing in Lightroom, I bumped up my contrast just a tad, then bumped the exposure up a bit more than I normally would. I then brought down the highlights, both in the Basic Bar, as well as in the Tonal Curve, which started to bring the image back to a better exposure. I increased the lights in Tonal Curve, then brought down the darks and shadows again to bring the exposure to where it needed to be (which also helped to give the image a slight pop I was looking for).

Bride and Groom slow dancing at reception with snow flurries

3 sentence bio about you/your business: I'm Shaina, a wedding and engagement photographer specializing in couples portraiture. I'm based in Connecticut, but I LOVE when my photography brings me to new places! My husband and I are in love with Hawaii, and we're SO looking forward to booking some destination weddings there!

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