How I got the Shot - Pink Ring

Name: Cassi Claire

Business Name: Cassi Claire Photography

Why did you take this photo?: I LOVE ring shots! I photograph the details as soon as I arrive to a wedding day, and I was especially excited for Will & Shirley's details because they were all so colorful and fun! I brought this pink ombre watercolor paper from Rifle Paper Co. with me because I knew the color would perfect match Shirley's vision. I used a chair to prop the paper up and create a sort of mock studio. I left about 8-10" between the ring and the paper background, and then faced the chair towards the window light. I like to keep the subject about two feet away from the window so it produces a nice even light, as opposed to very harsh directional light.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8L

All exif data: f/4.5
ISO 1600
Natural light

Why did you use these settings?: I try to never go below 1/200 with my macro (to reduce blur). I knew I wanted to capture more detail in the ring, so 2.8 just wasn't cutting it. I bumped it to 4.5, but that meant increasing the ISO. Thankfully the Mark III can handle 1600 ISO really well!

Thought process behind the photo: Same answer as the "why did you take this photo" question!

Editing of the photo: Just my usual basic edit and a bit of sharpening on the surface of the diamond and prongs!

gorgeous diamond wedding ring and band on pink surface

3 sentence bio about you/your business: We're a husband and wife team based in New Jersey. Together, we believe in marriage vows, grace in love, kitten therapy, and eating sushi at least once a week! xo, Cassi & Chris

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