How I got the Shot - Groom Getting Ready

Name: Brittani McFadden

Business Name: Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Why did you take this photo?: I took this photo to document the "groom prep" at a wedding.

Camera: Nikon d750

Lens: 50mm

All exif data: fstop 2.2, 1/250, ISO 1250

Why did you use these settings?: As much as I love a ton of bokeh, I've learned that I love crisp photos even more. I took this photo with the 50mm because we were in a relatively tight area, but I knew I didn't want the wide distortion of the 35mm. We were just inside a set of large glass doors that lead outside so I didn't need a super high ISO, but still wanted a bright exposure so I landed at these settings.

Thought process behind the photo: I had already captured the groom putting his jacket on and this was his second time putting it on (he needed to adjust his vest). So I knew I didn't want to capture the same exact thing twice. Instead he perfectly adjusted this jacket while looking out the door, and this was the result! This location was actually a hallway that guests enter to go to the reception. I've shot at this venue a lot and the groom's room is so dark and really unflattering so I knew I needed to bring him somewhere that was more neutral with way better light. I walked out of the room into this hallway and saw the perfect blank wall next to the wall of glass doors! Sometimes changing the location slightly makes all the difference!

Editing of the photo: There wasn't too much that I did in addition to my normal preset. I usually bring down the highlights a little and bring up the blacks. This was a super simple edit since there wasn't really anything I was trying to work around!

image of groom putting on his jacket getting ready for his wedding

3 sentence bio about you/your business: Brittani Elizabeth Photography is a Philadelphia photography company and specialize in weddings and engagements! We focus on capturing light, timeless and prismatic images that reveal the true emotion of a wedding day! We currently shoot a majority of our weddings in Pennsylvania with most being in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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